The Future of Craft Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis innovation and quality, there is no one further on the front lines that Aaron’s BC BUD. This company has been a strong and long-time advocate of growing cannabis plants naturally. That means using only the most organic and holistic ingredients during the growing process of their plants. Heath Canada has approved Aaron’s BC BUD as a licensed cultivator (and medical sales license) and since then, the company has been busy honing their practice to deliver potent, stick and aromatic cannabis plants.

Canada has over two hundred licensed producers alone. How is it that Aaron’s BC BUD can stand out among the crowd? The answer is simple, get genius: Craft Cannabis.

What is a craft product?

When shopping around you may have already heard such a term “craft beer” or “Craft fashion” or essential “craft” anything. Yet, what exactly is a craft product?

A craft product can be defined as a product which is a good(s) that is has been hand made by an artisan or skillful individual in a defined trade. Artisans usually were most prominent during the industrial revolution which saw a massive surge of productivity and creativity. Fast forward to the 21st century and craft products are making a strong comeback as individuals look to support smaller, more compassionate businesses.

Craft Statistics

Craft artisanal services have been so popular in Canada in the past few years the according to this Government of Canada, the number of craft breweries in the country increased by 21.8% between 2017 and 2018 alone. Pair that with the increase of dispensaries Canada has seen, and it starts to paint an obvious picture.

If we look at different industries which produce artisanal/craft products, we can see a clear trend towards smaller scaled services with unique and exclusive products. This can be applied the same way to cannabis, and that is exactly what Aaron’s BC BUD is pursuing.

Farming Organic Cannabis

Aaron’s BC BUD believes has demonstrated that they can grow their cannabis crops in a sustainable environment. By using ethical practices, they can not only produce a superior quality cannabis plant but can also reduce their overall carbon footprint. This is possible because Aaron’s BC BUD only ever uses rich, organic black topsoil and mineral dense water that comes from an on-site natural spring.

Partnering with Aaron’s BC BUD

If you’re interested in turning top quality, holistic and naturally grown cannabis plants into medicinal cannabis products your clients will love, then reach out to our team today. We’re ready to provide your brand with the resources necessary to make your business stand out from the competition. Visit Aaron’s BC BUD today and get in touch with one of our representatives today!


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