Organic and Chemical Free

Why the Future of Cannabis is Chemical Free and Organic.

The Canadian cannabis revolution is in full swing despite the WHO declaring the world in a state of pandemic due to COVID-19. What does this mean? It means that almost two years after legalization, the cannabis industry is in boom and adapting the challenges it has presented. One of these challenges is producing quality cannabis at a much larger scale.

Many cannabis companies must sacrifice the quality of their bud so that they can increase their volume and sales. This often means quicker grow time and adding agents to help facility a timely growth. Though, is all this what one would consider best practices when it comes to maintaining cannabis supply lines?

The answer is that Canadians are one of the more health conscious countries in the world. We may not start health trends as much as the next European colony, but we certainly value it. This is many of us are consuming more organic fruits, vegetables and grains as possible. The collective consciousness has grown much in the 21st century and consumers are asking for less pesticides and chemicals in their fruit and vegetables.

We can already see the increase in demand for organic and GMO-free produce, and this is no different when it comes to marijuana.

What’s great about Aaron’s BCBUD, is that we are naturally able to address these concerns. It is part of our business plan to grow cannabis in small, hand crafted batches the way nature meant for it to grow. That means a steady supply of rich black soil and a steady stream of non-municipal water (from a spring on our property). Not only that, each of our plants are carefully attended to by horticulture and cannabis farming experts.

Modern methods of farming (farming for a larger density of people) has an exceedingly difficult balancing act to perform. How to balance quality and volume without sacrificing one or the other. Companies have found this a difficult balance to maintain and either opt to go for quality over volume but hardly volume over quality.

There are plenty of benefits when using organic fertilizers compared to chemical ones. Just the sound of words “chemical fertilizer” should send shivers down any health practitioners’ spine. They are usually defined by materials which are mostly or completely made synthetically, in a lab.

With Aaron’s BCBUD, we recognize which path agricultural cannabis is going to take. It will go the way of the produce department as in your favourite grocery store. Consumers will look for organic, pesticide free cannabis. They will look for market and government certification before consuming it and if it doesn’t have one, will leave it to dry on the shelf. Aaron’s BCBUD understands that Canadians will be looking towards the cannabis industry to fulfill this requirement and are up for the challenge.

Aaron’s BCBUD has recently been approved for a cultivation license from Health Canada. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to never miss an exciting update!


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