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A New Cannabis Product Making Waves!


Canadian demand for medical cannabis will be growing for the next few years. There were about 345,000 active client registrations for medical purposes at the end of October 2018. By September 2019, that number was 369,000, an increase of over 25,000, according to Health Canada. This number is set to increase again by the end of 2020. At the same time, the number of licensed producers registered with the government before legalization was just 26 in 2015; as of 2018 there were over 300 licensed cultivators, processors, and sellers.

Even though that amounts to approximately 25 producers between the provinces and territories each, it’s barely enough to keep up with demand.

While some provinces have been caught unprepared for the demand Canadians were asking for, Health Canada has been busy approving candidates as new Licensed producers to help increase the cannabis supply.

 Enter Aaron’s BCBUD.

Aaron’s BCBUD believes in using proven traditional and nontoxic horticulture techniques to produce strong, potent and vibrant cannabis plants. They submitted their application to be a medical cannabis producer in early 2019 and received that certification later in the year. Thanks to a swift approval, Aaron’s was able to start production of its first crop, putting into practice all their growing techniques.

The long road to legitimization and hard has finally yielded results, and they were impressive! The first crop produced under the hand-crafted, no harmful chemicals vision has tested a THC content of up to 23.4%! Their powerful vision on how cannabis should be grown, focused on the health and wellness of the patients and customers, has paid off. While Aaron’s BCBUD does not have its own storefront and won’t be able to sell directly to consumers, you should start to find Aaron’s BCBUD label at some of your favourite dispensaries in the coming months.

It is identifiable that some larger operations simply can’t manage to deliver their promised yields without some sort of unnatural edge. This lowers the quality of the product and takes away from the healing benefits the plants can offer.

End of Factory Cannabis

It is thanks to companies like Aaron’s who understand that Canadian’s don’t want mass produced, factory grown cannabis. Not when they can get quality cannabis that is made through a non-chemical or pesticide process. According to Canadian Organic Growers, 66% of Canadian shoppers purchase organic products (2017). As more Canadians become aware of the health benefits of organic produce and products, the more demand there will be for naturally grown cannabis.

Companies like Aaron’s BC BUD understand this and have made it their mission to re-establish the standard when it comes to naturally grown cannabis. They understand that simple is better, and they have the evidence to back that up.

Humble Grower

That is why the cannabis produced at Aaron’s Vancouver Island facility are handcrafted and personally attended. Each plant is taken care of by a passionate team of growers who are knowledgeable about cannabis cultivation, with decades of horticulture experience collectively.

All the plants grown by Aaron’s BCBUD are grown in rich organic soils and under the best horticulturists watch.  Their batches are grown in small quantities in a controlled environment. The facility is located by a local, clean water source on the island. Canada has been consistently ranked as having some of the cleanest and healthiest water in the world.

Humble start-up companies like Aaron’s BC Bud are heartwarming and endearing stories about the hard work and passion that people can have a vision into. They are a perfect example of a successful small Canadian start-up and deserve for us to keep watch as they continue this journey.


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