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Taking Care of Our Customers

By creating quality medicinal cannabis, we at Aaron’s BCBUD want to help people. Our aim is to provide our customers with the tools they need to have a better life through providing a product that will encourage both mental and physical health. This philosophy is what drives us to do what we do.  We want to provide the tools to help you live your life to its fullest by helping you alleviate your symptoms. Our products are natural and grown in the best conditions to create plants that provide the most healing and our team is also fully ready to help you on your way to get the medicine you need to get the life you deserve.

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All natural products, made in small batches by hand
Quality water from our own source.
Grown with the power of mother nature
Canada wide reach once we get our Health Canada license
Global research on new technology and techniques
Secure customer management and ordering system

How to speak to your doctor

Sometimes it can be hard to speak to your doctor about medical cannabis, but your doctor is the one helping you manage your health and well being. Use these helpful tips when speaking to your doctor about medical cannabis.

Do your research – Helping your doctor understand the benefits of medical cannabis as a medicine and how it can help your specific condition. If possible provide them with some sources they can research themselves if they are not familiar with medical cannabis
Discuss – Have a frank discussion with your health care provider on how cannabis can be of value to your continuing health and wellness. Review the information on the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids or Cannabis Council of Canada websites before your appointment to ensure that both of you are well informed.
Communicate – Let your doctor know about concerns you may have with your current medication and let them know that using cannabis medicinally might be a viable augment alternative to your current treatment options.
Don’t be afraid to ask – Your doctor is a professional and consider every option to facilitate your continuing health. They are on your side and will listen to your concerns about your current treatment and valid options for that treatment.

If you require more information on how to obtain medical cannabis from a licensed producer, check out Health Canada’s website and read more about how Canadians can obtain cannabis for medical purposes.

Visit Health Canada's Website