High Quality, Hand Crafted Cannabis

Striving to provide the best

No Compromise On Quality

At Aaron’s BCBUD we are committed to giving you the best quality product possible by having a great amount of passion for growing.  We have compiled an expert team of growers and scientists that are set to create the best medical cannabis on the market by using a combination of soil and water, along with expert care and attention. All this comes together to make the best medical cannabis available.

Square Feet

Aaron’s BCBUD has submitted their evidence package to Health Canada

Our Story

Aaron’s BCBUD was started to fill the need of a more natural, organic cannabis that is grown in small batches, by a team of passionate experts. We sought to create a product that would contain the natural properties of this amazing plant while still being grown in a sustainable, environmental and wholly natural way. We brought on an expert grower with multiple PHDs in plant science to create the best cannabis plants for us.

Our facility, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, was specially chosen for its ample space and naturally available water source. We then tapped that natural spring and will use it to feed our plants. We use this water source as it is undeniably purer and contains less harmful impurities than municipal water. Our 26,000 square foot facility is built to exact specifications to optimize our growing process.  With state of the art technology and old school growing techniques we are set to create a new paradigm of cannabis excellence

Your Health Above All Else

At Aaron’s BCBUD we put your health above all else. That’s why we don’t use any harsh pesticides, harmful chemicals or artificial growth mediums to produce our products. We also use our own water source that is many times cleaner than water from municipal sources. Our plant scientists have also done significant research to ensure that our plants have the highest grade medicine and provide the purest quality THC and CBD products.

Who is Aaron?

The story of Aaron is a long and complicated one. Well, more like a story of a lone goat on a property in the heart of Vancouver Island. Yes that’s right, Aaron is a goat that has been a staple at our property for the better part of a decade. This lone animal has kept watch over us as we have moved into this new phase of growth and development. As such he has become a kind of mascot to our company and a good friend to us all. This is why we named the company after him, to show the errant bovine all the love he deserves.