Aaron’s BC BUD Ups Their Game

With their first crops, Aaron’s BCBUD is ready to fulfill its destiny.

Aaron’s BC BUD has been working hard over the past few years to make the company’s vision for cannabis a reality.  This vision would show that it is possible to create high-quality, high-yielding THC cannabis plants without relying on the uses of unhealthy chemicals and growth agents. Recently, the company just successfully harvested their first official crop after receiving their cultivating licence from Health Canada.

This is great news for both Aaron’s BC BUD and consumers alike. Aaron’s was able to raise the bar for cannabis cultivating while demonstrating the techniques they used can result in flowers with THC content as high as 23.4%. What are their techniques?

BC Proud

Aaron’s BC BUD prides itself on sustainable growing practices. The company is committed to growing and proving the best quality product possible using healthy, rich, and organic soil, adequate lighting, and a healthy source of mineral water from a spring located on the facility’s property.

Often, larger companies end up substituting quality for quantity…and it shows! With all the effort and resources companies put into growing their stock, sometimes all those growth agents and chemicals stunt the growth and potency of a plant. This results in lower yields of THC per plant (12-16%). While this is not necessarily an undesirable result, most experienced cannabis users prefer a THC content ranging around 18-21%

What does Aaron’s success have to do with the cannabis industry? The future of cannabis is not in large quantity orders. Instead, Aaron’s BC BUD is betting on a batch model system. Similar to the craft beer market where companies brew smaller quantities for more exotic beer flavours, Aaron’s is following a similar path.  The company believes that he future of cannabis itself will start to rely on producers producing craft cannabis instead of factory farming cannabis.

Helping the Consumer

How does this help the average consumer? If you have been going to cannabis dispensaries since legalization happened in 2018, you may already know what we are talking about. We are almost halfway into 2020 and some places are still selling year old stock!

This translates into stale shelf products, with diminished potency and product that is too dry to burn properly. Imagine going to the produce department of your local grocery store and finding the dried Rosemary or Thyme you bought was packed over a year ago and was still on the shelf! It would be outrageous.

This is why Aaron’s BC BUD is committed to their vision of craft batches grown with the beautiful bounty provided by mother nature. With the help from her, our team of amazing experts (with years of collective experience behind them), Aaron’s will continue to thrive and prove to the cannabis industry that you don’t need an industrial sized farm or factory to produce quality cannabis flowers.

All you need is a dedicated team, the help of the organic materials provided by mother nature, and patience.

Aaron’s BC BUD is committed to establishing hand-crafted batches of cannabis as the new standard.  S

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