Aaron BC  Bud to Start Fulfilling demand

Canada and the Small Shop


Canada made international headlines when the Trudeau Government announced that it will be legalizing recreational and medical cannabis for all Canadians of legal age, in mid-2018. A few months later, enthusiastic members of the cannabis community we’re disappointed with high prices, stale and moldy cannabis and a sour taste left in their mouth.

While the industry got off on unstable footing, it began to stabilize and garner attention and has  without visible trouble. However, supply seemed to be a large issue for a lot of eastern provinces, who we’re caught readily unprepared for how quick the legislation was going to be rolled out.  Consider this interview with Premiere Doug Ford on Bloomberg.

Big Shine. Small Shop

Enter the small-time cannabis companies like Aaron’s BC Bud. A small cannabis company focusing on hand crafted cannabis growing techniques. All their products are grown in the very well know healthy soil of Vancouver Island, British Columba. Their plants are grown without pesticides, unhealthy chemicals or other artificial products.

Though supply has gotten better, that’s mostly since Health Canada has been busy reviewing applications like Aaron BC Bud’s’ which will increase the supply to Canada’s cannabis market, and cracking down on those not following regulations.  Aaron’s BC Bud was approved earlier in 2019 by Health Canada to start producing up to 2000kg of cannabis! That’s only the start of it, there are plans to increase production up by as much as a third, to 6000kgs in a couple years.

Maintaining Footing

While it was off to a rocky start, Canada’s system for selling, collecting and distributing retail cannabis products has caught the eye of several governments around the world. According to an article by the Associate Press, several countries have been looking at Canada’s cannabis legislative framework on how to properly implement it in their own countries.

“The small South American nation of Uruguay was the first to legalize marijuana for adults. New Zealand, Luxembourg and Mexico are among those that have looked to Canada for guidance or lessons…”

Growing Appetites

Canadians have a huge appetite for cannabis and increasing that capacity is integral to the success of the market and to the total revenues going back into the Canadian economy. The government itself is hoping to reap in lots of tax revenue from projects like these and it’s in the best interest to properly vet and approve the best possible candidates for licensed producers.

Canada has always been an innovative engine in the western world and having a license from Health Canada to cultivate cannabis puts Canadian companies like Aaron’s BC Bud in a position to blossom. Where they can use traditional growing techniques, conventional wisdom and modern science to use to offer a new, familiar and strong cannabis plants.

It’s the Canadian innovation and ambitious to tackle important and challenging issues and face them head on that makes other countries look up to us. Our cannabis industry is a model for the rest of the world to look up to and create their own legislation. All thanks to hard work from small businesses like Aaron’s BC Bud.


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