Nurtured in mother earth’s
rich organic soil

Organically Grown In Soil

We believe that the power of medical cannabis comes from the earth itself. That is why all our products are grown in the clean rich soil of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. We don’t use pesticides, chemicals or other artificial products. Just clean water, light and soil.

By growing in soil, we make sure that the plants are happy and therefore our customers are happy. As a late stage medical cannabis producer applicant, we aim to support the health and wellness of all our customers by keeping close to our philosophy of keeping it simple and keeping it clean.

When we created Aaron’s BCBUD we wanted to fill a space in Canada’s medical cannabis industry by delivering products that are organically hand grown in small craft batches. We aim to show that cannabis can still be healthy even if grown the old fashioned way.

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Grown With Passion

All of Aaron’s BCBUD products are carefully crafted by human hands. Our passionate growers will take care to make sure that each plant is treated just right so it gives the best, healthiest and most beneficial product.

100% Natural

At Aaron’s BCBUD we don’t use any pesticides or artificial growing mediums. Just rich, clean soil and natural spring water to nourish each plant to provide the optimal healing power that nature intended.

High Quality

Each gram of our product will go through a stringent testing process to ensure that it is of the utmost quality.  We want to make sure that everything we sell is the best, hand crafted quality.


Our facility has been carefully designed to have the least amount of impact on the local environment. All of our waste is collected and processed, and our water comes from an exclusive source on our property.

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Hand Crafted

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Aaron’s BCBUD is crafted by human hands and grown by passionate people who love their craft

Clean Water

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Our water comes from our own mountain spring and is cleaner than municipal drinking water. Lacking the impurities that can harm plants.


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We take the extra effort to take care of the environment. Our low waste facility recycles, composts and reuses as much as we can so our impact on the local environment is minimal

Aaron’s BCBUD In The News

Aaron’s BCBUD BCBUD Submits Affirmation of Readiness and Video Evidence Package to Health Canada

AARON’S BCBUD INC. (or the “Company”), a late state medical cannabis producer applicant announces the submission of their Affirmation of Readiness and video evidence package to Health Canada. Submitting their evidence package is the final step in the process of becoming a licensed producer of cannabis under Health Canada and the Cannabis Act. This is a significant achievement for Aaron’s BCBUD in preparing to receive its license to produce cannabis in Canada.

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